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IT Educations Engineering Project Development Nagpur

IT Educations Engineering Project Development Nagpur is best known for its excellence in software development and training located in Nagpur(India). IT Educations Engineering Project Development Nagpur provide classroom, corporate and online trainings and arrange workshop for career oriented courses like C/C++, Java, .Net (dotnet), ANDROID etc.

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IT Educations Engineering Project Development Nagpur Project Based Courses run using an innovative Learn-Do-Review methodology, which helps a student to understand theoritical concepts and apply them practically by building innovative engineering projects.

Computer Languages Training

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, application developers and designers both enjoy strong job prospects over the coming decade. However, with boundaries blurring between desktop, mobile, and Web applications, savvy programmers are gaining flexibility in order to keep their edge in the job market.

B.E. MTECH Project Development

train the students to make their projects by themselves.Our motto is to bridge the knowledge gap between the academics and the industry.We provide project support for all courses include Ph.D,M.Phil, M.E/M.Tech, B.E/B.Tech, MCA/BCA, MBA/BBA, M.SC/B.Sc and etc. We undertake project works of all major universities.

IT Service

The services such as Academic research assistance and guidance focuses on providing varied insights of emerging technologies and to provide an interface between existing systems and its enhancement oriented research goals.We assist researchers to explore immense possibility for next generation technologies.

IT Educations Engineering Project Development Nagpur

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IT Educations Engineering Project Development Nagpur approach to training and development is designed to ensure that our trainees become capable of adopting up-to-date skills to work in today’s modern, widest range of Industrial and Service sectors. We design and deliver the best quality training to meet the changing and growing needs of the Professionals.

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IT Educations Engineering Project Development Nagpur are your career partner, providing you with a lifetime of progressive learning products, which will assure you a rewarding and exciting career.

JAVA Programming


As we know that Java is a Platform Independent programming language that is first introduced by sun Microsystems in 1995. Java is already ruling the most of the software industries, and hence there are lot of applications and websites are developing every day.

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Microsoft .NET is one of the leading platform for Application Development. It is a most important software framework from Microsoft, it always continues to rocks the information technology. Dot NET technology offers many interesting trends.

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C and C++


Most software today is still written in C and C++. Don't forget about other every-day appliances, like smart devices and IoT. If you want to program for embedded, C is the way to go (though work is done to get an even better experience out of Rust).

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