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100% Practical Training Classes for  PHP CERTIFICATION in Nagpur

PHP is a server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.


Course Duration : 2 Months
Course Fees : Click Here

ü Intro

ü Install

ü Syntax

ü Variables

ü Echo / Print

ü Data Types

ü Strings

ü Constants

ü Operators

ü If...Else...Elseif

ü Switch

ü While Loops

ü For Loops

ü Functions

ü Arrays

ü Sorting Arrays

ü Superglobals

ü Forms

ü Form Handling

ü Form Validation

ü Form Required

ü Form URL/E-mail

ü Form Complete

ü Arrays Multi

ü Date and Time

ü File Handling

ü File Upload

ü Cookies

ü Sessions

ü Filters

ü Exception


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