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100% Practical Training Classes for  JAVA CERTIFICATION in Nagpur

Java is a popular programming language, created in 1995. It is owned by Oracle, and more than 3 billion devices run Java.


Course Duration : 60 days
Course Fees : Click Here

Java Fundamentals  Abstract classes  Generic 
Features of Java  Static classes  IO package 
OOPs concepts  Inner classes  Input streams 
Java virtual machine  Packages  Output streams 
Data types  Wrapper classes  Object serialization 
variable  Interfaces  Deserialization 
arrays  This  Multi threading 
expressions  Super  GUI 
operators  Access control  Swing components 
control structures  Exception handling  Database Connectivity 
Objects and classes  Try catch finally  JDBC architecture 
Java Classes  Java Collections  MySQL 
Mini Project


Course Duration : 45 days
Course Fees : Click Here

Life cycle of JSP JSP Page Displaying applet in JSP
JSP API JSP Exception Expression Language
JSP scriptlet tag JSP Directive Elements JSP Custom tags
JSP expression tag JSP page directive Attributes
JSP declaration tag JSP include directive Iteration
JSP Out JSP taglib directive Custom URI
JSP Request JSP Exception JSP Pagination
JSP Response Action Elements JSP CRUD
JSP Config jsp:forward Registration Form
JSP Application jsp:include Login Form
JSP Session jsp:useBean Uploading File
JSP PageContext set & getProperty Downloading File

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